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Welcome to the home of the TSUNAMI wake gate.  The world's first and most widely tested aftermarket adjustable wake enhancer.  Scroll down to learn where we've spent our time to engineer \ design \ test \ iterate \ redesign \ build \ destroy \ and manufacture the best addition for your boat this season.  Let us help you to dial in your perfect wake on your specific hull.  We're confident in our industry leading guarantee - Adding a Tsunami will 100% gain you a taller, cleaner, and better performing wake.


Now get out there and feel the joy of surfing forever...


What makes this thing so BADASS?

Wave attitude adjustment(s):


We're the first in the industry to allow multiple angles of attack off your boat.  There are four different settings to truly dial in your weight and hull geometry. Simply pull the pin, rotate the fin to the desired push angle and you're set.  Why be stuck with a one-size fits all device?

Hull Curvature:


Our attachment method allows the greatest range of boats to utilize the wake enhancement power of a Tsunami®  Most other brands have static cups, meaning a flat plate where the rubber can not conform to your boat.  Our design allows of to 30 degrees of hull curvature, to make sure you have the best adhesion in the industry.  #Bringonthecurves




Our front fin has been through upwards of 45 different design iterations.  After both virtual and real life flow demonstrations we've settled on what we believe is the best balance between shape and size.  The rage nowadays is a huge side fin, a monster ramp sticking off the side of your hull-   This not only disrupts the tracking and handling characteristics of your boat, it also doesn't gain you much in wave size.   You'll eat more gas, and wont be able to easily drive straight - that doesn't sound too much fun to us.  So we've got the tried-and-true displacement fin.  It'll give you a cleaner, taller, and stronger wave then you've ever experienced before.

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Tsunami Wake Gate 2019

Tsunami Wake Gate 2019


What makes us unique?

First off... Its made in the USA


We're not just saying that either...  Even though its been tested all over the world the Tsunami wake gate was designed, engineered, prototyped, and are manufactured here in greatest country on earth.  We also build these on our industrial FDM printers.  Yes, you heard that right- each and every Tsunami is printed on our very own printer farm so we can stay ahead of the curve.  Iteration after iteration have allowed us to provide you near instantaneous design alterations so you know you'll always have the best device on the water.  We don't have to wait to 'tool up'- or send parts out to be manufactured overseas because of design flaws or incremental updates.  We live LEAN, meaning we don't have a warehouse full of two year old, outdated models- we build what we need and keep what we want on hand based on data.  That data allows you to always have a 'freshy,' and never worry about stale or outdated wake-tech.  With that being said, we know we're the best- now give us a try and you'll know why thousands trust us with creating their world class wakes.

Our Adjustable design allows for 3 angles of forward adjustment as well as a single setup for reverse operation. This design easily secures with a custom  designed industrial strength suction devices controlled by two independent toggles that snap down to a locked position.  The front displacement fin has a security feature built-in which locks the tab in place so it can't come off until you want it to.  This revolutionary wake shaper allows for greater range of flexibility and fine tuning of your wakes on your specific boat.

Our fin was rigorously designed to relieve stress on the outermost lip, a by-product of this is it also creates a secondary turbulence which slows the wake down and helps eliminate convergence.  Thus creating a large swell for you surf.

Our Tsunami Wake Gate is made from marine grade stainless steel, and High Density Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Comonomer (PETG) because its much stronger and heat resistant than standard ABS/PLA 


Our Device comes with a safety lanyards to ensure you never lose it while you enjoy your day surfing.

This  revolutionary design installs in less than a minute, is reversible, and requires no adhesives, tools or drilling into any part of your boat!


Pull the PIN

Pull the stainless pin to gain access to both of the suction release handles.

Rotate the Fin

Flip the fin and place on the OPPOSITE side of your boat you would like to surf. Trust us...

Engage Suction

Push down the front and rear suction levers and make sure to get it tight against the hull

Choose Angle

Now is the fun part, replace the pin into any of the desired angles and dial in your wake.

Customer Q&A


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